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Bone Therapy is a group of dedicated Nashville area part-time trombonists formed in 2004 in search of the enjoyment that comes with playing trombone ensemble music of all styles.

The name (and syringe on the logo) comes from the group’s origin as a trombone quartet of physicians in various phases of their careers. Since some of the group were also members of a physician - predominant big band “Sound Therapy”, the name was a natural. 

Bone Therapy has become a large trombone choir that now includes lawyers, vets, clergy, IT personnel, current and former band directors, high school students, etc. We feel our name expresses the effect of fine trombone music on those who play and listen to it. On occasions when some of us perform as a smaller group, we add the name “Osteoblasts”.

PS: I am not an Orthopedic Surgeon and we are not all doctors.

This is a link for an NPR story on trombone choirs.

A testament to the therapeutic effects of the trombone (NPR).

*Bone Therapy Trombone Logo and shirts designed by the fine folks at MusicaliTee.com.

Updated July 15, 2020

Link to Tim Myrto Remembrance

                       Bone Therapy

Leader: Joseph Awad, MD

Hometown: Ada, OH

Currently: Brentwood, TN

Trombone Teachers: Dale Laukhuf, Henry Romersa, David Glasmire, Lawrence Borden

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This site is dedicated to many individuals who have influenced me over the years. Most of all, to my mother who recognized my love for music and kept me on the right track in the early years when I failed to practice. My band director the late William Ansley gave me incredible opportunities including more time conducting the high school band than most student teachers. Urbie Green was my first inspiration to practice trombone and my trombone teacher Dale Laukhuf gave me the tools I needed. I am also indebted to Rev. Hoyte Wilhelm and Dr. Joe Crider (fellow Ada High School Trombonists and Laukhuf students) for setting such a high standard of playing to match. It has been my good fortune to have been around many fine musicians and educators from Ohio Northern University in my home town and here in Music City. Finally, my wife reminds me that I need to thank her and the kids for allowing me to devote so much time to the pass time that keeps me sane.